Kengo, my lovely K, you’re still there right? I can’t believe it yet, all the people saying the same thing, please tell me it’s not true.

I feel sad, just like any other dixer or follower of the band. Yesterday he was posting on Instagram, tweeting, showing how happy he was! And suddenly today all these news?! What happened I need explanations.

Rest in peace Kengo Tachibana, rock wherever you are. DIX.


Farewell K, we are going to miss you ;_;K R.I.P. 19.5.2014

Last night…my friend K [Moi Dix Mois] …passed away. 
I can’t breath anymore, I’m crying. I’m not sure about Moi Dix Mois next lives, but I think this will be the last year of Moi Dix Mois.
We will miss your smile, funny faces and your love what you gave for us.
We love you very much, Kengo!
Goodbye, eternal member.

I just hate this life, I can’t believe that he is gone. He seemed so happy. ;/////

Baby, come back!

kemogu this is for you.. ALIEN

cantbuyklove RATA.

Enjoy the Silence by Ralf Blumenschein

Sakura at Shinjuku Gyoen #1 by nipomen2 on Flickr.
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